A More Beautiful World

A More Beautiful world is another upcoming visual novel by Afterthought Studios.

User Interface

  • I focused on the medieval setting, as well as magic, and remembered the first time books were made that they had gothic lettering and borders around the edges of the pages.
  • Creating a marker for the sliders with a simple piece of scrolled paper was quite fun to make.
  • The paper and texture follows through into the other menu areas.


Character Info Cards

These were made for the client as their Kickstarter was still ongoing to introduce the characters in the updates on Kickstarter as well as Facebook and Tumblr.

(The Marquis’ voice actor is pointing with his forefinger, not his middle.)

Project details:
  • Client: Afterthought Studios
  • Category:
  • Menu Background: : http://fav.me/d17g73w