About Me

Hello! I’m a UI/UX Designer and front end developer from Austin, Texas. I hold a specialization certificate in Web & interactive Design from Austin Community College.

I currently freelance for Afterthought Studios whom I have been with for 2 years designing interface design for visual novels and also have other work in my arsenal. Challenges do not frighten me, I use them to learn and improve. Designing is what I love and I’m not going to let a hurdle stop me.

Mobile Front End Developer

Need your site to be mobile friendly? I’m your Austinite.

Front End Programming

HTML, CSS, and framework Bootstrap are my buddies.

UI/UX Design

Wireframes, prototyping, press the red button to panic, press cancel to stop Windows from restarting.

Web Design

Even the web has to look good, it would be terrible if we couldn’t navigate where we wanted to go.

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