Who I Am

Camille Arana is a junior Web/UI Designer from Georgetown, Texas with a Web & Interactive Design SpecializationAssociates from Austin Community College. She grew playing games on Sega Gensis and Windows 95/XP before her younger brother got a Playstation 2 on his birthday.

Growing up with video games and watching animes such as Sailor Moon, InuYasha, and Dragonball Z over the years, she dipped her toes in the world wide web, finding many people who enjoyed these titles and animations as she. The websites were so beautiful that she wanted to try it out back in 2003. From then on, she created fansites for many characters and they're still up today. It wasn't until much later in 2011 that she attended college, hoping to get a degree for what she loved so much: web design.

She soon came to know about UI - along with UX - Design, enjoying the challenge to create for the mobile devices that came with it as responsive design grew and grew after the fixed/fluid trends going on then at the time.

With team exercises, brainstorming, solving problems, and feedback given, Camille found herself at a crossroads. She still loved Web Design but UI Design, while the same, was more than just the internet, it included everything to fridge menus to video games menus to XM radio menus.

So she figured "Why not both?"